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League Stars

League Stars is a non-contact skill-based participation program and it caters for all ages and ability levels and provides an opportunity to learn how to play Rugby League in a highly controlled and safe environment.

The League Stars program is designed to optimise both safety and skill development:

  • All session plans and activities target specific skill development outcomes.
  • All activities are non-contact (i.e. no tackling is permitted)
  • Sport Australia’s Physical Literacy Framework has helped shape program design – session plans and activities have been developed to address gaps in physical literacy and develop the necessary skills, confidence and motivation to participate in sport beyond League Stars.
  • Participants will work collaboratively and cooperatively in small teams to further build their personal and social skills.
  • Each activity can be modified (i.e. be simplified or made more challenging) to ensure different stages of development are catered for effectively.

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For further information please contact Adam Hellyer on 0411 159 277 or