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Roosters Girl - Montanah

Age - 19
Occupation - Performer and retail assistant 
Years as a Roosters Girls - First year

Who is your greatest influence?
My mum, she is everything I aspire to be as a person. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing?
Becoming a roosters girl!

What cartoon character best describes you?
Nala from the Lion king because she is energetic and adventurous

My favourite movie is….
Never been kissed, Drew Barrymore is amazing in it!

On Netflix I cannot stop watching…
You, I have rewatched it twice now!

What is something you have tried but will never so again?
I cut my own fringe a few years ago, easy to say it didn’t turn out like in the YouTube video!

Describe yourself in 3 words….
Bubbly, motivated and enthusiastic 

What is you ultimate holiday destination?
Switzerland, I find it so beautiful!

My favourite Quote is…
Earth provides enough to satisfy every mans needs, but not every mans greed - Ghandi

My beauty tip is…
A good skin care routine is the best makeup base!

When your not being a Roosters Girl, what are you doing?
Training in dance or at the beach

Best experience as a Roosters Girl?
The moment I became a roosters girl, I was so happy!

Who is your favourite Roosters player?
Kyle Flanagan