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In the lead up to the NRL finals, a "turf-war" is brewing in Sydney's eastern suburbs with Randwick City Mayor Scott Nash determined to find out once and for all, who owns Coogee Beach?

Under official NRL boundary lines, Coogee Beach is South Sydney Rabbitohs territory, but many die-hard Sydney Roosters supporters have long crusaded against this ruling with history showing the beach was once declared a Roosters stronghold.

Randwick City Council is planning to fly NRL team street banners across Randwick City during the finals season and Arden Street, which fronts Coogee Beach, is set to fly red and green Bunnies banners, but the Roosters say, it should be Chooks all the way.

“Arden Street in Coogee runs right along Coogee Beach is declared by the NRL as officially Rabbitohs territory," Mayor Nash said. "We've complied with this ruling and have flown Rabbitohs banners there, but a growing number of Roosters players and supporters tell us they want their banners in Coogee as they have strong historic links to the area,” Mayor Nash said.

“To settle this debate once and for all, I am declaring a turf-war and putting it out to the people to cast their vote. We need residents, ratepayers, club members, players and footy fans across the state to have their say and tell us officially if they think Coogee Beach belongs to the Rabbitohs or the Roosters.

“Once we know what the people think, we’ll let the NRL know as well. This is a chance to sort this disputed territory out once and for all,” Mayor Nash said.

You can VOTE one of two ways:

Either head to or simply Tweet or Instagram your VOTE with the hastag #turfwar

To view the official NRL Rabbitohs/Roosters boundary in Randwick City, head to: