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Membership Terms & Conditions

2022 Sydney Roosters Membership Terms & Conditions

2022 Sydney Roosters Football Club (Club or Roosters) [these two terms are used interchangeably] memberships are subject to the following terms and conditions which include the Club’s Privacy Policy.

Upfront and monthly payment plan memberships are subject to automatic rollover (known as Sydney Roosters Roosters MyPay) each year unless members opt out by the notified deadline.   

The Club may from time to time vary where reasonably necessary (and subject to applicable State and Territory Laws and the Australian Consumer Law) change the terms and conditions of the Club Membership. The Club will communicate any change to its membership terms and conditions via the Club membership website. Any changes will be effective at the time of posting. Except for any rights that members may have under applicable State or Territory Laws and the Australian Consumer Law, members will have no claim against the Club by reason of any change made to its membership terms and conditions.

1. Purchase of Membership

If you are successful in your Membership application, the Club will issue you with a payment confirmation electronically within 5 business days. Your membership card and fulfilment package will be issued within 30 business days from 1 December 2021. Members who join after this date will receive a membership card and pack within 21 days.

The Club reserves the right not to accept any membership application in its absolute discretion.

All membership categories are subject to availability.

2. Term of Membership

Subject to the following terms and conditions, your Club Membership will entitle you to the benefits of Club Membership from receipt of your Membership payment to 31 October 2022.

3. Membership Conditions

The Roosters offer a number of membership packages. The following lists any specific conditions which relate to memberships.

3.1.1 Family

Family memberships are available for two adults and up to:

  • (a) two juniors (under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2022) or;
  • (b) one adult and two juniors (under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2022) or;
  • (c) two adults and one junior (under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2022) with additional juniors required to purchase an individual junior membership.

3.1.2 Junior

To be eligible for a Junior membership, the applicant must be under the age of 15 as at 1 January 2022. Junior member accounts that do not have a date of birth will not have their membership pack sent until the date of birth is confirmed to the Club. Children over 4 years of age must hold a junior membership if they wish to be eligible to purchase Finals tickets.

3.1.3 Student

Student concession is available to people studying full-time in 2022. If requested, students purchasing a concession membership must provide a copy of their valid 2022 student card or a photocopy of a stamped receipted 2022 enrolment form from your education institution. 

3.1.4 Pensioner

Pensioner concession is available to people holding a 2022 pensioner concession card issued by Service NSW, the Department of Health and Community Services, the Department of Family and Community Services or the Department of Veteran Affairs. If requested, pensioners purchasing a concession membership must provide a photograph of your pension card. Pension cards must be valid for the duration of the 2022 football season. A Heath Care or Health Benefit card will not be accepted.

3.1.5 Companion card holders

Any Club member holding a Government issued Companion Card is entitled to one complimentary membership for their carer.

Once you have purchased your membership, you are required to send through proof of your Companion Card and the Club will then issue you with a complimentary membership in the same membership category as the one you have purchased to allow your carer access to the games when caring for you.

3.1.6 Interstate

Members living in excess of 75km (as determined in accordance with Australia Post postcode data) from the Sydney CBD are eligible to purchase a Country & Interstate Membership. When applying for or renewing an Interstate concession, you will need to supply a proof of residency (for example, a copy of your Council rates or a utilities bill) to verify your address. PO Box addresses will not be accepted without supporting documentation.

3.2 Membership Entitlements

3.2.1 Membership benefits

All 2022 Sydney Roosters Members receive core membership benefits including:

  • Personalised membership card;
  • Bumper sticker;
  • Lanyard (excluding Baby Membership);
  • Membership keyring (excluding Baby Membership);
  • Exclusive members communications;
  • Access to a member choice merchandise item (Adult Ticketed and Non
  • Ticketed Members only);
  • Member pricing on Club merchandise;
  • Complimentary Easts Leagues Club Membership (adults only).

The Club values the core membership benefits at $70, and includes the cost of administration, mail-house expenses and postage of the member pack. This component of a Member’s total price is non-refundable once the core membership pack has been lodged with Australia Post carrying the address provided by the Member. 

3.2.2 Member choice merchandise item

Adult Ticketed Members are provided a redemption voucher in their Member Pack entitling them to one (1) Member choice merchandise item. 

The member choice item will be available for collection upon presentation of the redemption voucher from Easts Leagues Club, SCG and Central Coast Stadium home games, and at selected Club events.

Adult Ticketed Members wishing to have their Member choice item sent via post must send their redemption voucher clearly stating their preferred member choice item, along with a $10 payment to the Sydney Roosters Membership Team, Sydney Roosters Football Club, PO Box 693, Paddington NSW 2021. The $10 payment is for the cost of postage and administration of the member choice item which is not an inclusion of Ticketed Membership packages.


The traditional ANZAC Day blockbuster will not be a Sydney Roosters home game in 2022. All Members will have access to an exclusive ticket pre-sale window and discount, however, Member cards will not scan at the turnstiles.

3.2.3 NRL Finals Series and Major Event entitlements

Each Member's access to the NRL Finals Series and Major Event matches will be determined in accordance with their respective membership category and entitlements. Please refer to the terms of your particular membership for further detail. 

3.3 Membership Categories

3.3.1 Ticketed Membership categories

  • Ultimate
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Chookpen
  • Bronze
  • Flexi (Chookpen)
  • Flexi

3.3.2 Non-Ticketed Membership categories

  • Queensland
  • Country & Interstate
  • Central Coast
  • Supporter
  • SCG Trust Supporter
  • International
  • Baby
  • 3.3.3 Interstate Membership categories

The Country & Interstate Membership packages provides Members with one (1) ticket that matches their membership category (eg. adult, concession, junior) to one (1) Sydney Roosters non-home game of their choice from games played in either Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle or Sydney.

The Queensland Membership package provides Members with one (1) ticket that matches their membership category (eg. adult, concession, junior) to one (1) Sydney Roosters non-home game of their choice of Magic Round, Townsville or the Gold Coast.

It is the Member’s responsibility to notify the Club which game they wish to attend. Failure to do so will result in the Member forfeiting their ticket benefit. Members must notify the Club at least two weeks prior to their chosen game.

3.3.4 Non-Ticketed Member Package - SCG Home Match Inclusion

Central Coast, Queensland, Country & Interstate, Chookster and Supporter Membership packages receive access to one (1) SCG home match (excluding ANZAC Day) of their choice (subject to capacity). The Sydney Roosters attribute no value in your membership package price to the included benefit of one (1) SCG home match per season. 

4. Reserved Seating

4.1 Reserved Seat Changes

4.1.1 Renewing Members

Seating areas at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Central Coast Stadium are subject to change and are made upon consultation with the venue.

2021 members who wish to retain their current reserved seat in 2022 must ensure that their membership payment has been completed no later than 5pm (AEDT) on Friday 3 December 2021. This can be done online or via telephone on 1300 327 871.

4.1.2 Change/Upgrade Application

If you are a renewing member and wish to change your seat/upgrade your membership, you may do so from Monday 13 December 2021 once all unsold seats have been released for sale. You must be a financial member to request a reserved seat change.

All change/upgrade and new seat requests are to be submitted via your MyRoosters Account using your Member ID and Password and are subject to availability. The Club is unable to, and does not, guarantee any seats will be available. You will be notified of the outcome of your application as soon as possible.

New seat requests are processed in order of date received. If your preference is unavailable, you will be seated in the best available seat at the time of processing.

4.1.3 Seating preferences

The Club is unable to, and does not guarantee that your seating preference will be able to be accommodated.

4.1.4 Group Seat Requests

If you wish to be seated with specific members or if you are introducing new members who you would like to sit with, all forms must be submitted together by email, post or delivered personally to the Club. You should nominate a Group Leader for your seating request that should be used by all people wishing to sit together.

5. Membership Cards and Packs

5.1 Lost Membership Cards

If you lose your membership card you will be required to present a signed original statutory declaration to the Club. A membership card replacement fee of $20 will be charged. Replacement membership cards will be mailed out to you and cannot be issued on game day.

5.2 Forgotten Membership Cards

The Club can provide you with a replacement ticket on the day of a home game from the dedicated Membership service office at the venue for a cost of $10. If you have lost your membership card you will be required to pay a further $20 replacement fee.

5.3 Stolen Membership Cards

If your membership card is stolen, the card will be replaced at no cost upon provision of a police report or statutory declaration detailing the theft.

5.4 Transfer of Membership Cards

Club Membership cards are transferable and can be passed onto friends or family for use at matches provided that the family member or friend is at the equivalent level of entry and meets any eligibility requirements specified in these terms and conditions. If a Concession or Junior member transfers a membership entitlement or ticket to an adult, the adult will be refused entry and will have the membership card or ticket confiscated at the gates.

5.5 No On-selling

Club Membership cards and tickets issued in lieu of a Membership card (this includes any tickets provided for interstate matches) may not, without the prior written consent of the Club, be on sold (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a Membership card or ticket is on sold or used in breach of this condition, the Membership card or ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the membership card or ticket may be refused admission. Penalties apply (including cancellation of any offending Member's Club Membership without a refund).

5.6 Membership Pack sent to Incorrect Mailing Address

It is the Members responsibility to ensure that their personal details are up to date. The Sydney Roosters will provide reminders to assist Members, however, the Club will not be held responsible for Membership packs being sent to an incorrect mailing address. In the event that a pack has been sent to an old/incorrect mailing address, a membership pack replacement fee of $30 will be charged to cover production, mail house and postage costs.

6. Payment

Payment of your Club Membership fee may be made in one of two ways:

6.1 Full Payment

Your full Membership fee can be paid via any one of the following methods: VISA, MasterCard, Cheque, Cash or EFTPOS.

6.2 Payment Plan 

Your Membership payments via a payment plan as follows:

6.2.1 Roosters MyPay payments will be deducted in either one annual payment, 5 or 10 equal instalments, beginning on October 14, 2021 and reverting to the 17th day of following months via a nominated VISA or MasterCard only. For all new memberships joined on or after March 1st each year, payments will be deducted in 5 equal instalments on the 17th of each month, beginning on March 17th via a nominated VISA or MasterCard only. 

6.2.2 All new Members that sign up to a Roosters Membership are automatically opted into the Roosters MyPay program. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you authorise the Club to arrange a debit of funds from your nominated credit card in amounts and at intervals as advised.

6.2.3 All Members on Roosters MyPay are automatically included into an auto renewal agreement, facilitating automatic rollover of your memberships from year to year. If you pay your membership fees by credit or debit card, unless you elect to opt out of automatic annual rollover in accordance with directions issued by the Club from time to time, you authorise the Club to automatically renew your membership each season into the same seat (if applicable) and package (or a reasonably comparable package) and to deduct the applicable membership fees from the credit or debit card used to purchase your previous membership.

6.2.4 Members can only opt out of Roosters MyPay at the conclusion of their last instalment and before the first instalment for the following season by notifying the Club either in writing via email - All outstanding payments must be complete at the time of opting out.

6.2.5 Members will be given at least 21-28 days' notice in writing of changes in the new amount of their next season's membership and to the terms of Roosters MyPay agreement.

6.2.6 If any Roosters MyPay payment fails to transfer between institutions, further attempts will be made in the following days to attempt to clear the fund transfer. 

6.2.7 Members applying for Roosters Membership after the first scheduled payment will have the number of required payments deducted to bring them up to date with the schedule and then subsequent payments at each specified date.

6.2.8 If your debit is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, a notification will be sent requesting payment. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution will be payable by you.

6.2.9 The Club may suspend or cancel your membership if, on two consecutive occasions, your drawing is dishonoured by your financial institution. We will notify you by email if we suspend or cancel your Roosters MyPay payment plan. Please note that at least 24 hours will be needed to reinstate your membership once payment is received. 

6.2.10 It is your responsibility to ensure that: (a) the account details you have provided are correct, including notification should the expiry date change within the 11-month program; (b) you have sufficient clear funds available in the nominated account on the scheduled drawing date.

6.2.11 If your Membership is suspended or cancelled as a result of declined payments, you will not be able to gain access to any matches during the NRL Premiership Season or the NRL Finals Series.

6.2.12 If you believe that a withdrawal has been initiated incorrectly, please contact the Roosters Membership Team on 1300 327 871. You will receive a full refund of the withdrawal amount if we cannot substantiate the reason for drawing.

6.2.13 If a Member believes that they have not been sufficiently made aware of the Roosters MyPay process, and have not received a letter or email and money has been debited without their authorisation, the Club will consider a refund request that must be submitted in writing or via email to

6.2.14 Members with outstanding debt from previous years will be able to renew their membership for 2022, however any outstanding money owing will be deducted with the first instalment. You will not receive your membership pack until all outstanding money owing is paid.

7. GST and Levies

Except where expressly noted, all prices include GST and any applicable venue levy.

8. Refund Policy

Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, once a membership has been purchased, memberships are non-refundable.

Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, there will be no refunds available if you wish to terminate your membership prior to the end of your agreement on 31 October, 2022.

8.1.1 Hardship Policy

The Sydney Roosters have processes in place to ensure that members experiencing financial hardship are treated fairly. 

The Sydney Roosters are committed to work with you where possible to help you respond to financial difficulty, whether temporary or long-term. We are committed to helping members facing financial hardship maintain their relationship with our club and, where possible, their membership entitlements.

This special consideration and flexibility will depend on your individual circumstances, and we provide this on a case-by-case basis.

8.1.2 Hardship is essentially a circumstance where you are willing to meet your payment obligations, but your circumstances prevent you from doing so. Financial hardship can be short-term and temporary, but sometimes it can last much longer. Usually, it is the result of a change in income, employment, living arrangements, or an unexpected expense.

You might experience hardship because of factors like:

  • unemployment/partial or full loss of employment;
  • death in the family;
  • acute/chronic illness of you or a family member;
  • family breakdown; and
  • unexpected major natural disaster eg: major flood, drought, fire etc.

We use this definition to make our assessment as to whether you are eligible, but we endeavour to apply it broadly to help members in a variety of difficult circumstances.

8.1.3 If you are struggling financially or experiencing some form of hardship or unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you contact us via email at to share your situation and see whether you are eligible for special consideration and flexibility. Your email should include:

First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Email Address

Member Number, Membership Type, Package, Affected Members

Payment time, Payment method, Full list of Purchases including all family Members

Outline the reasons for your request 

Once we receive your request, we will be in touch to discuss it as quickly as we are able to.  

We may need to request some information from you to assess your eligibility, but we will act reasonably, and we will always treat your request confidentially and fairness.

9. Cancellation Policy

9.1.1 Club memberships are valid from the date of joining until 31 October, 2022. By becoming a member of the Club, you agree to this period of membership.

9.1.2 In exceptional circumstances, if a member wishes to cancel their membership, the Club will advise the member to submit a written request to Membership Services via email to or post to the Sydney Roosters Membership Team, Sydney Roosters Football Club, PO Box 693, Paddington NSW 2021for consideration at its discretion.

If the fulfilment items have been sent prior to the request for cancellation, the membership product will not be cancelled or refunded, subject to the Australian Consumer Law.

The Club reserves the right to cancel or suspend a Club membership without refund of any member that breaches any of the terms and conditions of membership (including where that member attempts to transfer or sell their Club membership and/or associated benefits). Any membership cancelled by the Club will result in your consecutive years of Membership tenure expiring.

The Club reserves its right to cancel a Member's Club membership without a refund where that member is deemed by the Club to have breached these terms and conditions (including where that member attempts to transfer or sell their Club membership and/or associated benefits).

10. Club Member Code of Conduct

While barracking and supporting your team is a vital part of the game, offensive or aggressive behaviour including yelling and swearing when dealing with Club staff, agents or other NRL event staff, Members and supporters will not be tolerated. Club Members who consume alcohol on a match day are to do so responsibly. Drunkenness will not be tolerated. Club Members who breach the behaviour code of conduct may face penalties including cancellation of Membership without refund. The Club endorses the NRL’s stance on vilification and has a zero-tolerance for members or supporters that abuse the opposition, opposition supporters, or referees on grounds of race, religion, gender and sexuality.

11. Variation to Club Membership Terms and Conditions

The Club may from time to time where reasonably necessary vary the terms and conditions of Club Membership. The Club will communicate any change to its membership terms and conditions via the Club website or email. Members will have no claim against the Club by reason of any change made to the terms and conditions of Club Membership.

12. General Stadium Rules

Club Members must adhere to all rules and restrictions imposed by the venues attended by the Club Member. All venues are smoke-free. Patrons are not permitted to bring alcohol into any venue and must adhere to strict restrictions placed on alcohol consumption in designated areas at all venues. Umbrellas are not permitted to be opened anywhere within viewing areas at any time on match day.

13. Members' Privacy

All personal information will be used, and may be disclosed, by the Club (including for promotional and marketing purposes) in accordance with the NRL and NRL Club Privacy Policy. By providing your personal information you agree to such use and disclosure by the Club and confirm you have read and agree to be bound by the NRL and NRL Club Privacy Policy.

14. Telephone and Internet Renewals

Members may renew their Club Membership over the telephone or online. By renewing over the telephone or online, you accept these terms and conditions of Club Membership (as amended by from time to time by the Club).

15. Further Information

If you require further information in relation to these terms and conditions, please visit or call the Club's Membership Services Centre on 1300 327 871.

16. COVID-19

16.1 Social Distancing Action Plan

The Sydney Roosters are committed to ensuring Members are treated fairly in relation to the impacts on Membership packages as a result of COVID-19. The Club have developed a Social Distancing Action Plan to ensure we’re prepared for what the 2022 season may bring.

The plan outlines key information including ticket redemption processes and proposed seating areas for our various membership categories if social distancing guidelines remain in place. Click here to review the plan.

16.2 Member COVID-19 Compensation Policy

In the event that the Sydney Roosters cannot fulfil match entitlements outlined in Ticketed Membership packages as a result of COVID-19 or any other unforeseen act, the Club have developed a Compensation Policy. Click here to review the policy.

Acknowledgement of Country

Sydney Roosters respect and honour the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.

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