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Whether hes been in the famous Tricolours of the Roosters, the white and maroon of Country RL or the sky blue of NSW, James Maloney has so far shown this season that hes up to any challenge.

One of a handful of high-profile signings to have made the move to Bondi in 2013, Maloney is the competitions standout No.6 and the shining star amongst many a big name in Trent Robinsons high-flying Roosters outfit.

After much deliberation, disagreement and discussion amongst rugby league fans, far and wide, Maloney was the man handed the infamous Blues No.6 shirt for the 2013 series opener and despite those that disagreed at first was a huge force in the Blues claiming the win at ANZ Stadium.

However all the work done so far this year in whatever shirt he may have been wearing means nothing when he takes to the Suncorp Stadium turf tonight in Game II.

Hes been part of a grand final, an ANZAZ Day clash with the Dragons and now one Origin, but tonights challenge is bigger than just the occasion itself, its like nothing the boy from Wagga Wagga would have ever faced.

But, does it faze him?

Nah, Im all good mate. Im not worrying about anything other than getting out there and doing my job, Maloney said, smiling.

50,000 screaming fans with but a small portion wearing Blue will be against him for every kick, every run, every pass. Theyll remind of any and every mistake he and his side make and when they take to the field, before kick off or at half time, they wont even be able to hear themselves think.

How could none of that faze someone? Well, you have to know Jimmy to understand.

Hes a simple guy, with a simple outlook on things.

The ultimate team mate, who fights for each inch and hates losing. Hes a competitor, a footballer of old who worries only about what he can do and never about what he cant control out in the middle.

This whole team knows what job we have individually and thats all were worried about doing.

Its going to be something special to be a part of and Ive soaked up every minute of both camps Ive been involved in so far this series, but thinking about anything other than what my job is isnt necessary.

Hes been described as the calming influence that his halves partner at the Roosters and Blues, Mitchell Pearce, needed. Their games have complemented one another perfectly so far, with the duo guiding one of the most exciting attacks around the paddock and doing it well.

But, how do they see their combination after 14 games together?

I can only speak for myself, but I love playing with him and I think we work pretty well together.

Junior [Pearce] is not only a great footballer, but hes a great guy and we get on really well together off the field. Hes my roommate in Blues camp and we spend plenty of time together, which I think weve been able to transfer on to the field and combine well for the Roosters and in Game I for the Blues.

With more than 15 try assists to their name, 120 points and just under 10 line breaks, one would suggest their combinations is doing more than just well. In fact, given that the Blues are realistically facing their first series win since 2005, this combination is doing brilliantly.

Thats one way of looking at it, but we havent won anything yet and when and if we do well look back and talk about those kind of things.

But for now, were just enjoying time on and off the field together.

Finally Jimmy, we have to ask, what about rooming with him almost every second weekend?

Juniors a funny bloke, who has his own way of doing things, and its entertaining all the time.

Rooming with him is certainly interesting though. I dont think hes as big a pest as I can be to some people, I dont think anyone can, Maloney said, laughing.

My only issue is the nude squats he does in the shower. Seriously, whats doing there?

Wow. We have no idea, sorry Jimmy!