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We asked you to caption the photo, and some of them were absolute classics!

Here are some of our favourites 

"Come and meet this guy, he reckons your Great Grandfather is an Englishman so you can play for us!"- David Galea (Facebook)

"When I flew out from England this is how much leg room I had"- Shane Palmer (Facebook)

"A bit of Tai Chi before the game works wonders"- Max Von Gerrard (Facebook)

"And this is how you take a selfie. Of course you need a device that will take the photo like a phone or an actual camera but you get the idea"- John Love (Facebook)

"And then I said to Maid Marion, I'll shoot cook it"- Maggie Alcock (Facebook)

"If that doesn't work, try this bit of Jiu Jitsu"- Martin Molloy (Facebook)

"Introducing my new invisible friend Bob, say hi Bob!"- Adam Johnny Johnson (Facebook)

"Let me try that Haka move one more time"- Ronnie Barritt (Facebook)

"Just put your arm around her like this, and move to the beat"- Brett Toland (Facebook)

"You pull the arrow back like so....when the rabbit is clearly in site, release the arrow"- Manny Mellos (Facebook)