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We asked our fans to caption the photo, and some of them were amazing!

Here are some of our favourite captions:

"All aboard the Roosters train! Next stop, THERE ARE NO STOPS!!!!" - Stephanie Longo (Facebook)

"Mum bought a Jeep!"- Robert Addison (Facebook)

"LOOOOOUD NOISES!!"- Marcus Loui (Facebook)

"Shaun get off my toe!"- Mitchell Beggs Mowczan (Facebook)

"Winner winner chicken dinner!"- Leisa McMahon Jannenga (Facebook)

"MUM MADE TACOS!"- Pete Maddern (Facebook)

"Just scored tickets to AC/DC!"- Paul Cass (Facebook)

"Are you not entertained!?"- Theresa Matthews (Facebook)

"Three words. Red, white, blue!"- Jason Hayes (Facebook)

"Christmas sale on Memberships!"- Chris Makejev (Facebook)