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Fans Are Hearing The Call | 2020 Membership

It's been two weeks since the Sydney Roosters launched Membership for 2020 and fans are hearing the call that Members are what makes the difference.

It's Time To Be A Member | 2020

We asked a number of fans about why they hadn't made the commitment to become Members and had three consistent responses.

1. It's too expensive

For starters, we found that Members weren't aware that it's actually cost effective to be a Member, and that the benefits outweigh those of a non-committed fan. 

Membership starts from as low as $7 per month, and includes a range of benefits that fans don't receive.

2. I can't attend games

Did you know that we have thousands of Members all over the world who are unable to attend games?

We have options for everybody, including Interstate Memberships for those who may want to attend a game when the Roosters are in their town.

There is also an International Membership for those who want to stay connected to the Club and follow from afar. 

3. Don't know how

We were surprised to find out that fans weren't aware just how easy it is to become a Member.

There's a number of easy and efficent ways to sign up:

The key message for the Club going forward isn't that Membership is the best way to support the Sydney Roosters, it's the only way. 

It's as easy as it's ever been to become a Roosters Member:

  • A package for all: Whether you’re a regular at games or an armchair supporter from afar, we have a package tailored to you.
  • Buy or renew now and pay later: Roosters fans can join as 2020 Members and pay nothing until October 17th, meaning you’re committed as a 2020 Member with no obligation to pay right away.
  • MYPAY payment plan: You can join now and pay for your Membership over 10 equal monthly instalments when using your credit card, with the first payment starting from 17 October


Full season access: For those who bang the drum and shout out the cry, there's plenty of golden options for loyal fans that wish to enjoy the perks of a full season.

Flexible access: For those that stand by their Club or follow from afar, our flexible options are catered to any and all Roosters fans.

Supporter access: For those who have limited access but still don the red, white and blue, there's also packages available to you. 

To find out more about 2020 Membership or to become a Member of the Club, visit the brand new MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE or call our friendly staff on 1300 327 871.

Become a Member, not just a fan.