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Boomerang Add Further Support To Tarsha Gale Team

With the Sydney Roosters Tarsha Gale Indigenous Academy set to officially kick off their campaign this weekend, the Club is pleased to announce a two-year partnership with Boomerang Technology.

Supply Nation registered, Boomerang is an Aboriginal owned and operated Technology company providing Technology Services for Aboriginal oganisations, not-for-profits and government agencies enabling the delivery of support services for Aboriginal people in regional NSW and remote communities.

Boomerang Technology will feature proudly on the Sydney Roosters Tarsha Gale Indigenous Academy Jersey and Training Apparel during their 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Roosters COO Jarrod Johnstone was overwhelmed with the support our Tarsha Gale Indigenous Academy has attracted, saying:

“Having the support of Boomerang Technology provides yet another pillar of support for this team and the Club as a whole.

“We are very much looking forward to working with Boomerang Technology and immersing them in our Corporate Network over the next two years”.

Boomerang Technology’s Co-Founder Colin Lethorn said:

"We are committed to community engagement and empowering Aboriginal people with opportunities through technology and access to services, this includes: Education, Health, Employment,Careeradvice,Sports and Socio-economic development.

"We’re pleased to be supporting the Tarsha Gale academy and sponsoring the Roosters under 18s woman's team."

Boomerang Technology will also assist with several deliverables attached to the Sydney Roosters ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Acton Plan (RAP) while also collaboratively working with the Club on a number of new initiatives and community based programs across the term of the Agreement. 

The Sydney Roosters Innovate RAP was launched in December 2019 and forms part of the Club’s Indigenous strategy.

The Plan demonstrates the Club’s commitment to developing and implementing engaging approaches to reconciliation and advocating it throughout the organisation. 

For more information about Boomerang Technology or to learn more about their services please visit their website

To view the Sydney Roosters Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan please click here.