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This may sound weird, but I don't have a lot to tell you about what I did today.

We had the day off, after what's been a pretty intense and jam-packed schedule over the last five days, and I really took the chance to do as little as possible.

As I said in Tuesday's diary, rest days are as important as training days in week's like this and preparing for game's like this.

I did head into Roosters HQ for some treatment, like a few other boys as well, but otherwise it was as low-key a day I've had in a couple of weeks.

One of the Corporate Team Staff members, Hayley, was celebrating her birthday and so the tradition (for those that don't know) at the Roosters is to have Louis Lopes sing to you before everyone shares in some cake.

Louis, for those of you that don't know him, is a club legend. He's the grandfather of the office, keeping an eye on everyone and just being there whenever anyone needs him.

It's people like him and moments like everyone coming together for a simple Happy Birthday song that make this place special. It's moments like this that truly remind me as to why I could never, and will never, want to wear any other colours than the Red, White and Blue of the Roosters.

People say sport is a business these days and they aren't wrong, to a point. But, let me tell you, after all the time I've spent here and all the things that have changed over the years, this place is still a Club and the people in it aren't co-workers or even team mates, we're a family.

And, Louis is keeping an eye on us all.

Not long now, Roosters Fans.. just two sleeps to go.

Speak tomorrow,