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This week on Roosters Radio we are joined by our no-nonsense five-eighth Drew Hutchison, who shares his story of how he arrived at the Club following a major injury as a rising star and his twelve-month stint playing in the UK.

We learn about his influences on and off the field, his partnership with new half Sam Walker, his thoughts on the retirement of captain Jake Friend and his life away from being a professional footballer.

After suffering the dreaded ACL injury in 2016, Hutchison walked through his journey to England and how he resurrected his career at the Roosters. 

"I was coming off-contract that year and injured my knee and to be honest, I was in a bad place," he reminisced.

"I thought the world had ended. And footy, what was I going to do? I have my English heritage - my dad is English - he sort of moved here when I was born and all that sort of stuff.

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"So I had an English passport and I thought I'd go there. I was 22 and I grew up pretty quick. I always lived at home with my mum and dad, so moving overseas by myself was different.

"You learn a lot about yourself and about the way the world works. So unfortunately things didn't work out in England and I decided to come home and that was a bit nerve-wracking time. I didn't have a contract anywhere and not many clubs were too keen to sign me.

"So when the opportunity to come to the Roosters just on a train and trial, I was licking my lips. And to come into such an environment where you have to perform, I really enjoyed that and I feel like I'm sort of getting the best out of it now."


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